During a survey, we came to know that people have many misconceptions about the ligapoker game. If you are also one of those people who find poker gambling, you feel that poker is a game to be won on luck, then you are wrong. In today’s article, we will burst some of these misconceptions.

#1 Is Poker Gambling?

The first and biggest misconception that people have is that poker is gambling. It is not like that at all. But yes you can definitely say that if your luck is strong in this game then your chances of winning increase by 20%. If you want to divide this game into game and lucky ratios then it will be 1:4 (20% luck and 80% skills).

Now, what is the proof that I am telling the truth? If you ever look at the International Poker LeaderBoard, you will come to know that there are many such players in the list of top 100 players onboard who have survived for many years.

If it was just a game of luck, then so many people would not have been able to maintain their place on the leaderboard for so many years.

#2 Is poker illegal?

On the second number, the misunderstanding in the minds of people has gone the same way about the tax that poker is illegal everywhere, while it is not so at all. Yes, there are many countries of the world or there are many states in which it is illegal to play, but this does not mean that it is illegal all over the world. If you want to know whether it is legal to play poker in your country or state, you can check the rule regulation of your data country.

#3 Is Online Poker Rigged?

This is a mistake that happens to every other guy who has entered the world of poker, and that is, poker is fixed on online websites. That is to say, who will be the winner of the poker game on the online website, it is already decided, but it is not at all so if you play on legit sites.

Can it happen to you too if you don’t have much knowledge about poker and you are just starting out. Whenever people get a bad bet i.e. in such a situation in which your partner is absolutely on the verge of losing and your chances of winning are visible the most, then even after that the partner wins, then it is bound to feel like this.

Your misconception will be cleared when you watch live pokerashash either on YouTube or by going to tournaments and you will come to know that bed bets are as much pregnant offline as there are on pregnant online sites. And yes, where we talked about that 20% lag factor, that 20% has won sometime in the last.

#4 Is poker only a Men’s Game?

In today’s time, where we talk so much about gender equality, it is absolutely useless to raise such a question. Sadly, people still have such misunderstandings. If you have never heard of your morning, Cristiano Ronaldo played against each other 6 years ago today.

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