Gambling is slowly taking over the world, especially since the gambling industry continues to grow even in the midst of the pandemic. Now, online gambling is much better because it’s very convenient and accessible than land-based gambling establishments. Fortunately, numerous types of gambling are also available on the internet. You just need to find the right platform to enjoy it thoroughly. And one example of gambling that you will love is sports betting, such as football betting. It’s a very popular sport, which you will grow to love the more you watch it.

Online football betting is a branch of sports betting, where you will place your bets on an unknown outcome. You get to win if the result coincides with your bets. It’s fun and exciting, plus it’s never stressful since you’re watching great athletes play against each other’s team. And even if you’re a newbie, you will surely grow to like it too because it’s very competitive. So if you want to learn football betting, you can read more about ca cuoc truc tuyen bong da here.

The Various Types of Football Bets

The first thing you need to learn about football sports betting is that there are different types of wagers. Of course, you won’t be using all different types at once, but it’s very advisable to learn and understand them. Two of the most popular bets are point spreads and totals.

Point spreads are handicaps used to create a 50/50 wagering position. For example, a football betting site will offer a point spread on a match between the San Diego Chargers (-3.5) and the Indianapolis Colts (+3.5). That means that for the betting, the Chargers will have 3.5 pts subtracted from their ultimate score. For a bet to become successful, they need to win four pts or more. On the other hand, the Colts will have 3.5 pts added to their final score. So if you bet on them, it would be successful if they win the game or lose by three pts or less.

Totals are easier to understand because bookmakers will post an expected total amount of points scored on each team. For example, both Chargers and Colts set a total of 48.50. You will then decide to bet over or under. If you bet on over the combined score, then it has to be 49 and above. If it’s under, then the score has to be 48 and below.

Some Common Football Bets You Ought to Know

There are three other common football bets. These are Moneylines, Props, and Futures.

Moneyline wagers are simple. It involves backing a team to win the match without any point spread involved. Therefore, the odds of moneyline wagers depend on the team’s relative chance of winning. For example, the moneyline for Sand Diego Chargers and Indianapolis Colts are Chargers with -175 and Colts with +155. With this information, the Chargers are the favorite with odds of -175 means that a stake of $175 is needed to win $100.

Props is short for propositions. Here, the wagers on outcomes are decided during the football game but not directly related to the result. Some examples are the first team to score, the distance of longest touchdown, number of field goals kick, and more.

Finally, futures are how the team or an individual athlete will fair for the whole season. For example, a wager put on a team that will win in the Super Bowl starts at the beginning of the season. That’s called a future.

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