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I have to disappoint; you can’t learn how to win at Slots by learning the basic game rules. The fact is, online Slots are based on computer software with a random-number-generator. In other words, specialists in mathematics wrote the programs to randomly generate the machine play; it is probably even more random than in a land casino! So to learn how to win at Slots, you need to know something about who made the game. At All Slots, the games were written by Microgaming, the company which brought the first online casino to the internet, and has spent over a decade as the number one internet gaming software company in the world. Know who you’re playing with – this is the first step in how to win at Slots.

How to Win at Slots – Basic Game Rules

Slots have the most basic game rules of any casino game. But to learn how to win at Slots, you need more than that – because Slots have so many betting rules and variations to choose from. When you first get to the online casino, check out the types of Slots games available. A good Slots casino has many choices, allowing you to maximize your experience – and winning potential. To learn how to win at slots, it’s a good idea to become acquainted with the odds – but it’s a better idea to become acquainted with the “machine” you’re playing on. Each machine is a little different to learn how to win at. Slots machines, in general, each have a personality and style of their own. So – know the basic rules, but get to know each game. In slots, practice is key, I play on this site slots.

How to Win at Slots – Tips and Tricks

When I was in Vegas, I had a simple philosophy of how to win at slots: I put all of my quarters in my right pocket; everything that came out of the machines went in my left pocket. When the right pocket was empty, I left the casino. My first time at Circus-Circus, I won $35! I’ve never lost with that method since. However, when you play online slots, it is a whole different slot game!

After collecting – and testing – advice from several sources, I offer the following tips and tricks that can help you learn how to win at Slots:

The higher denomination the better – the more you bet, the more you will win over time Distance is key – the longer you play the better the odds Progressive games mean the pot gets bigger as you put in coins – costs more, but has a higher long-term payout 30 is mathematically proven to be the basis of a statistical majority: track the behavior of the game (machine) for 30 plays, and you will see what it’s behavior is like in the long-run On “bonus multiplier machines” you get a much bigger payout for making he max bet – check the rules of each game and see what the payouts are for each bet If you’re in for the long haul, on progressive jackpots, bet the max until you hit the windfall How to win at Slots depends a lot on where you play. In addition to the features you expect from a quality online casino site, All Slots has: over 130 Slots games 19 progressive slots more than $18.5 million in payouts since 2000! rich and generous Slot VIP internet lounge over $200,000 in payouts per month!