Exact Options for the Pkv Games in the Winning Solutions

So in order not to find yourself in this type of situation, learn to recognize with us the conditions that will be imposed on you by the casinos.

Why pay attention to the conditions?

In an online Situs Pkv Games, you will benefit from interesting bonuses. But don’t be fooled, the casino will never offer you money, sometimes large sums, without asking you for a counterpart. You must therefore pay attention to the conditions, firstly so as not to find yourself in a delicate situation, which would highlight the fact that you have not read these conditions of use.

Read the conditions, it protects you. Always ask yourself the following question: would you sign a contract without reading its contents? A promotion is exactly the same.

Finally, by reading the conditions, you will be able to refine your search and find the bonus that corresponds exactly to you, the one that will bring you satisfaction. So to choose well, read first.

What conditions can be subject to dispute?

There are two types of conditions that you are going to need to pay particular attention to. There are first the wagering conditions and then the withdrawal conditions secondly. If you don’t know what this means, we will let you know:

Wagering conditions

The casino will credit you with a sum of money corresponding to a certain percentage of your deposit. In exchange, you agree to play a certain number of times, which you can translate into a number of bets or euros, knowing that a bet is equal to one euro anyway.

This number will be defined in two ways: either it is a number that the casino indicates to you, for example 500 bets, or it can be a number which will be calculated according to a formula resembling the one below:

  • Number of bet = sum of your deposit X reference number

The reference number is a multiply which is determined by the casino, it is not variable. Imagine then that you make a deposit of € 30 and the multiplier is 50, this means that you will have to make 30 X 50 = 1500 bets to be made. Once you have made these bets, you will be able to withdraw your money if you have generated any winnings.

Conditions of withdrawal

You should know that for 99% of the bonuses, there is a capped withdrawal amount. This means that you will not be able to withdraw all of your winnings if you ever break the bank. Like bets, this authorized withdrawal amount is calculated according to the deposit you will make, generally respecting the following formula:

  • Authorized withdrawal amount = (Amount of bonus X multiplier) + Amount of your deposit

Imagine you deposited € 30, the bonus was 200%, so you received € 60 bonus. You can therefore withdraw (€ 60 X 40) + € 30 = € 2430.

In conclusion

You will have understood it with our demonstration, the more you deposit and the more you will have to make, and the more the amount of your possible withdrawal will be important. That’s a tip, read the bonus conditions to rule out unpleasant surprises and if you want to be updated on all casino information you can always add the Google+ account so that you never miss any essential information.


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