Common variations of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games that you would find in every casino. The game is so much popular that you can find various rulet sitesi dedicated to different types of roulette. Here are the different variations of roulette games that o are likely to find on any live roulette website.

American Roulette & European Roulette

The classic games of roulette follow the standards of having numbers from 1 to 36, options to bet on even or odd, red or black, single or double zero. This is the same as the European Roulette while there is a small difference in the American Roulette which has 37 numbers. Thus, European Roulette puts you in a better position with a 2.7% house edge as compared to 5.26% of American Roulette. Other bets son odds or even or color will both have the same payout. 

French Roulette

The French Roulette is another variant of roulette that is similar to European Roulette. It has a single zero in addition to the ‘La Partage’ rule in which half of the belt is forfeited if your ball land on zero. There is also the ‘En Prison’ rule under which you will get your bet back if you place a bet on either odd or even and the ball lands on zero. Not many live rulet sitesi offer this but you can certainly this out in those that have the French Roulette.

Multi-Ball Roulette

In multi-ball roulette, you can bet on a wheel with up to three balls from a set of numbers instead of only one like those in the classic roulette games. This is an exciting variation of roulette in which the chances of winning are high with the winning being split into the total number of balls.


Spingo is a mix of Online roulette and bingo. There are a total of ten numbers numbered from 1 to 10 as compared to the 36 numbers on the classic roulette. After the wheel begins spinning, balls are picked o randomly and kept in the colored trays. You can choose to bet wither on the numbers, colors or odd or even. 

Multi-Wheel Roulette

There is also multi-wheel roulette in which you can bet on up to eight wheels at the same time. The results will, however, depend on all the wheels. If you hit the same number on two or more wheels, you win. This is a great game if you wish to earn some money quickly.


Overall, all these games are similar to each other with slight variations. You can try out all of these before you settle on a particular variant.

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