Believe me nothing is more enjoyable than playing poker online. And one such website that has provided an absolutely different environment to its players is none other than w88. They are simply accessible via w88thaime.com/w88/ 24 hours a day. Moreover, you can access them from anywhere.

W888 has delivered several entrance options for its players from download of the specific poker app for the mobiles to the special download for IOS and Android. They have specifically arranged a live poker for their esteemed players where there is a special online poker room accumulated with high bonuses and tempting promotion that can be won only by a w88th player. So, just access the website and apply for w88club poker by a single click!

There is much more to be discovered here. There is a Fortune Spin, which will initiate spinning only after registration of 3 players. And with each spin of its wheel the players will have an irresistible chance to win one of the three surprising prizes on the wheel.

The possibility of a player to win is relatively very high since they have officially claimed that a player has 8% i.e. the lowest possibility of winning an award and 50%, the highest possibility to win the fortune cookie.

The initial bet chip is 100 and there are 7 levels where the blinds will start from the lowest of 2/4 offering 3 hands at the first level to the highest of 100/200 at the last level where the hands are infinite.

In $5 Buy-in the initial bet chip is 500. There are 7 levels from 5/10 blinds with 3 hands of first level to 500/1000 blinds of last level with infinite hands and eventually there is a $15 Buy-in where the player gets an initial bet chip of 1500 with 15/30 blinds and 6 hands at first level and 1500/3000 blinds at the last level with infinite hands. Here there are 8 levels.

In w88ok, there are also the cookie cards which are primarily hidden and will display ten varied countries and when a player collects these ten cards he or she is assured to instantly win a cookie bonus. Moreover, ww88 has special series for its customer’s viz. the Sunday series and the weekday special and last but not least there are satellites where a player can join w88thai for fun and win the title of a winner in each of the available tournaments at a much lower price.

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