What type of a gambler are you?

Gambling was something the British brought to India, along with many other things. Since then, gambling is seen as a pastime activity. The most popular place for gamblers in India is Goa. In a survey, it was found that almost 30% of people traveling to Goa went there for the purpose of gambling in casinos. Gambling is looked at as a good way of making extra money but requires a lot of skill. Gambling requires taking a calculated risk and considering the statistics and past performance, and some luck. One cannot leave all on their luck for winning in gambling, you need to calculate the odds.

Gambling in 은꼴, 야짤 is quite popular and there are many ways of betting your money. The common means of gambling are horse races, sports events, and casinos. You might have thought there can only be different ways of gambling, but they also exist in various types of gamblers. Not everyone who gambles does it with the same motive or mindset. Some gambling habits can be addictive and problematic for the person. There are 6 main types of gamblers, identified by Dr. Robert L. Custer, a renowned psychiatrist. He is also considered to be the pioneer for treating gambling addiction.

The six types of gamblers are:

Casual Social Gamblers

People who gamble socially look at it as a recreational activity. They do not gamble frequently. They casually bet when in an appropriate social situation.  Because they look at gambling as just another recreational activity, they are not prone to developing a problematic gambling habit. Such gamblers might develop a habit due to big wins or traumatic events.

Serious Social Gamblers

Such gamblers look at gambling as their main source of entertainment. For them, gambling is their first choice of recreational activity. Such gamblers can be compared to sports fanatics who vividly react to a win or a loss. They are more prone to develop a gambling addiction.

Professional Gamblers

Such gamblers consider gambling as their profession. They gamble with the help of calculations and statistics based on past performance and their own judgment. They understand the inevitable risks of gambling and hence are less likely to develop problematic gambling habits.

Antisocial Gamblers

Such gamblers are people who have an antisocial personality, could even be a disorder. They generally place their bets illegally. They prefer gambling through illegal means and might have displayed unlawful behavior in the past. Their personality is characterized by aggressiveness, manipulation, irritability, and impulsive behavior.

Relief and Escape Gamblers

Such gamblers are people who turn to gamble to get rid of the feelings of anxiety, stress, boredom, anger, or loneliness. Gambling, for them, provides a sort of emotional relief from underlying feelings of any kind of trauma which they may not be able to say out loud.

Compulsive-Pathological Gamblers

These are people who have no control over their gambling habits. For them, gambling has become an addiction and they have no control over themselves that could stop them. They are prone to developing problems like substance abuse and often value their self-worth on the basis of their wins and losses.

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