What is the Spread in Sports Betting? 

Sports Betting

In a sporting event, one team may be a clear favorite and the other an underdog. The spread of sports betting evens the odds between the two teams. The favorites have points deducted and the underdogs get added points. The oddsmakers try to come up with a number line for the spread that would make the final score close to even. The spread makes what could be a one-sided game into a more competitive and exciting one.

Evening the odds

Online sports betting is legal in the U.S. which makes it more convenient than ever before. The Michigan sports betting market is flourishing, and sports bettors can use mobile apps to place bets from anywhere within the state.

If the spread is Team A -7 and Team B +7, it means that Team A must win by more than 7 points for bets on them to win. If you bet on Team B, they can lose by up to 7 points and the bet can still be a winning bet.

Bet on how much a team wins or loses

One of the advantages of sports betting spread is that it makes the game more exciting. A moneyline bet is based on who will win a game or lose a game and the margin of victory doesn’t matter. With spread betting, you aren’t just betting on who will win or lose but by how much they win or lose.

Point spread in high-scoring sports

Point spread betting is available in many sports. It’s commonly used in some of the most popular sports such as football and basketball which are high-scoring sports. You can place spread bets on NFL games and the biggest college games. You can also place spread bets on all NBA games. The spreads are generally large in basketball due to the many points often scored in a game. Lower-scoring sports like hockey and baseball are more commonly associated with moneyline betting.

Why choose spread betting?

Sports games are often one-sided. In this case, placing a moneyline bet is either betting on something very unlikely to happen or something with very low odds. Spread betting makes a game into a close contest that is worth betting on. It tests the skills of sports bettors because it’s easy to predict when a strong team will win against a weaker one but it’s more difficult to figure out how much it will win by.