Parx Casino brings top online poker room to Pennsylvania residents

Poker has been around for hundreds of years. And it has played a critical part in American history. Long one of the country’s most popular forms of gambling, poker has cemented its place in the lore of the Wild West and in the American psyche is a whole. One can even argue that the game is a metaphor for American life itself, with those who are willing to be aggressive and take risks often being rewarded with big wins.

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Since the mid-1970s, Parx Casino has been one of the leading gaming operators in the state of Pennsylvania and across the East Coast in general. Originally founded as a place that focused strictly on horse race betting, Parx Casino began expanding its operations over the course of the following decades. Eventually, it would arrive at its current form, with a massive gaming floor that features hundreds of slots and dozens of table games as well as a huge sports betting facility and a major poker room.

For the last few decades, poker players across the state of Pennsylvania have loved coming to the exciting and welcoming environment provided by the Parx Casino poker room. As one of the foremost venues for Pennsylvania poker, Parx Casino has long attracted both novices and professionals alike. And players have come to love the high standard of service as well as the trustworthiness and the safety of the games that Parx Casino deals.

One of the reasons Parx Casino has become such a popular place for those wishing to play Pennsylvania poker has been the variety of games that it offers. With many tables dedicated to highly popular forms of poker, such as Texas Hold’em, more obscure forums, such as Omaha, stud and badugi, can also be found at the casino.

And now, aficionados of Pennsylvania poker will be delighted to know that all of Parx Casino’s brick-and-mortar poker offerings will be available via its online facility. For those who enjoy the many benefits that online poker offers versus its brick-and-mortar counterpart, this is among the best news that has come out of the poker industry in years.

Parx Casino’s online poker

For those who wish to partake in Pennsylvania poker, there are number of compelling reasons to do so online. And there’s no better operator in the state at which to play than Parx.

Online poker allows players to get in a vastly higher number of hands per hour. For the professional player, this can be a significant consideration, allowing the skilled player to dramatically improve their hourly rate versus what they would be able to achieve at a brick-and-mortar casino. With live poker games often only getting in around 30 rounds per hour, the nearly 1,000 hands per hour that the best professional players can muster online dwarfs the pace at which games tend to run in the physical world.

 Parx Casino also offers its customers a number of strong incentives to sign up. Players who are new to Parx Casino’s online poker room are currently being offered a 100 percent match on their first deposit up to $500. This means that players who make their first deposit at Parx Casino will find that the rake, which is the amount that the poker room takes from each hand that is played, will be significantly discounted for first few thousand hands at the poker room.

In addition to this, Parx Casino offers its poker players a strong rewards program, which enables players who grind out significant volume at Parx Casino’s poker room to enjoy significant discounts on rake as well as cash prizes.

Parx Casino also offers its customers the peace of mind that comes with dealing with a highly reputable gaming establishment that has been in business for more than four decades. When it comes to Pennsylvania poker, there is simply no better place to play than Parx Casino.

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