Online Poker Solutions You Can Hold On To

Online Poker Solutions You Can Hold On To

The online poker is a discipline now widespread. For many it is just a pastime, while others study and work to make it a profession. Today we want to give you 10 simple tips on how to play Texas Hold’em Online poker in the most profitable and safe way possible.

Start from the bottom

We would all like to sit at the table with the poker phenomena and do battle in mind-boggling pots and millionaire tournaments. But it’s best to start at the lower levels, even if you already have live poker experience, as transitioning to online can be very difficult. Playing at the lower levels means you don’t need a huge bankroll and have plenty of time to learn the dynamics of online poker, without risking losing too much money. Once you become familiar with the game and improve your skills, you can gradually level up. With the $5 free no deposit bonus you can expect now.

Don’t be in a hurry

It is useless to start playing at very low levels and after a few days pretend to have understood everything, going up to the high stakes: this is the best way to ruin a potential career. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the online poker site of your choice, with the offer of games and variants, with the tools it provides, bonuses, promotions and more.

The hardest thing, however, is another, especially if you come from live poker: adapt to the high number of hands played every hour. Since online dead times are practically zero (there are no dealers who have to collect, shuffle and distribute cards or chips), the pace is significantly faster than that of a tournament or a cash table at the casino.

Start With Only One Table

When you start playing online poker, limit yourself to only opening one table at a time. The image of grinders having their computer screens full of tables, among which they pass casually almost without batting an eye, is certainly fascinating but dangerous to imitate. Managing more than one table can be too tiring if you are a beginner. Better to do things well and calmly, starting with a single table.

Play Without Distraction

When you are in the casino and seated at the table there is not much you can do but follow the game. Playing online poker, you may fall into the temptation to kill the few downtime by doing other things: leaving the television on, having a chat with someone who lives with you, surfing the web and so on. These are all distractions that can not only cause you to lose chips, but also slow down your growth as a player.

Even though online poker is just a pastime for you, no one likes losing. So create an area that is free from any kind of possible distraction, so that you always stay focused on what you are doing. At the limit, if you have really picked up a good pace of play and need a higher challenge, open a second table to play.


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