Most popular casino games in Ukraine

Since gambling has been legalized in the Ukraine, a large numbers of casinos have opened luring more and more Ukrainians to play games both in the physical and online casinos. The number of casinos is on the rise since the past few months and they are giving lucrative offers to the players. The gamers are also finding great interest in playing the games.

Let us have a look at the games which the Ukrainian gamers are enjoying the most.


Blackjack is the number one game in the casino for many years and for many reasons. If you see the low house edge of this game, you will find that the skill factor in making the right decision with a long list of variations is quite easier. Hence Ukrainianplayers love to play it and for long years, it is considered to be the most popular game, both in the physical and online casinos. But these games also have some side bets which have quite a high house edge as compared to the main part of the game. But there is no reason to get worried as the probability of a big win or some chance of extra entertainment can balance the risk factor. Though there are some complicated Blackjack variations also, but they are for the more complicated players who have got years of experience and are considered to be higher level.


Roulette is a game where the play can win by pure chance only. Many Ukrainian gamers and players tried their level best to win the house by trying some new type of betting systems which they have created on their own. But all of them have failed and time and again, it has been proved that this game can only be won by pure chance. In spite of all these factors, this game has won the imagination of the players for many years. It has been observed that both in the physical and online casinos, this game is much sought after by the players or the gamers.

Most players go for French Roulette by choosing a small house edge where the risk of losing is less. If it is seen that the above is not available, then players may go for European Roulette where also you can bet with small house edge. Also make sure that the casino is offering bonus to the players and getting reward point for every spin the players are making. These bonuses add up to a lot of money in due course of time. There are also many variations of Roulette which are quite interesting and many gamers get fascinated in playing those games. The basic nature of the game is still attracting a lot of Ukrainian players to this.

Poker Games

Poker is a very popular game to the Ukrainian gamers and they love to play games from this category to a great extent. Poker games have many variations and so it is better to mention it as a category. Popularity of each of the poker games changes with time. Sometimes, Caribbean Stud becomes popular, while at another time, Mississippi Stud develops more craze. If you can win some of these games, the gamer can get a life changing prize.


Baccarat is a very popular game in the physical casinos. The main reason behind the popularity of the game is that it has a very low house edge. Probability of winning the game is more though the rules of the game are sometimes a bit complex. There are certain conditions which need to be satisfied before you draw a 3rd card. But it is a fact that the Ukraine casinos have advanced software which handles them easily.

There are some poker games like Punto Banco which have a very high edge. Though the player needs to bet a bigger amount, but some Ukrainian players enjoy playing the game as it offers a lot of entertainment.


Though craps was a very popular game in the USA for many years, of late it is gaining popularity among the gamers in Ukraine. The live game involves a lot of social interaction among the gamers and the Ukrainian players enjoy it a lot.

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