Many people are wondering what is a marked card? All marked cards are alike before the original one. Yet, professional experts developed this so it produces excellent quality. With the help of modern technology, everything seems possible.

What are Marked Cards?

Marked cards look like common card decks, but this is a kind of cheating card. It is usually on the back of cards, or at the edge of playing cards. Marked by invisible ink. These marks cannot be determined by naked eyes, only if you wear an infrared contact lens or glasses. The easiest way to mark is called card blending. By using this method, the cheater marks the cards by crimping.

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It’s hard to notice a small change in the pattern or color on cheat cards. Even a good player won’t find such marking easily. But it can be detected if you look at them closely. There are so many card deck manufacturers, one of these is They have experienced and accomplished technicians working. This is to make sure that they offer the best and quality marked cards.

 3 most common types of marked cards:

  • Luminous marked cards- are printed with the number. That fits on the back by using a pathfinder invisible ink. To detect the invisible number and marking you need to wear infrared contact lenses. Professional technicians have some special procession to the surface. This is to protect the marking from oxidizing and can stay for a longer time.
  • Video-luminous marked cards- cards that aren’t the same as the luminous marked cards. Marks on the video luminous cards are not visible. Even if you have the special filtered sunglasses. To detect this you need to have custom-designed electronics. Still, you will not be able to see it directly. It is displayed on the track located in the other room to a partner of yours. That person is your partner who will tell you the value of the card. These cards are not for cheating but tricks in magic.

It is often used to analyze and understand a card game. Also, to detect collusion. Even most experienced players cannot detect this easily.

  • Juice-marked cards- the most popular used type of marked cards. It is very useful since the spectator will find it hard to spot the marks on them. Special juice formula is being used. The signs can be seen from up to 15 ft. away. These cards are perfect for magic tricks since the signs are difficult to read. The advantage of this as well is that the juice marked cards can’t be spotted by the riffle test. How to see the signs come with images appearing how the marks look. Where is it situated and what number they correspond to.

Removing or adding patterns or lines on the back of the cards is the most common method. Yet, there are different methods as well to be used.

These cards are only used for entertainment purposes. It is strictly prohibited in using them in hazard games.

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