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Winning Bets Can be Crucial for Slot Joker

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The deliverer, who is also a banker, is determined as follows. Each player is invited to draw one card from the deck, the player with the highest card becomes the banker. After that, the banker carefully shuffles the cards, removes them and invites all players to make bets. Players agree in advance on the ceiling of the bet, that it is impossible to daftar joker388 bet more than a certain amount.

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Choose the Right Bets

After all bets have been made, the banker starts the game. From the top of the deck, he removes and reveals 14 cards one at a time. Simultaneously with the opening of the card, he calls it by its true worth.

He must name strictly in order, he must begin with a joker, and end with a deuce. For example: joker, ace, king, queen, jack, and so on up to two. If the banker guesses at least one card, then the entire bank (all bets) goes to him and he wins. If the banker guesses the first card, that is, the joker, then the bets is doubled and each player must report to the banker the amount of money that he bet. After that, the game starts again. The banker, who has not matched any of the fourteen cards, pays all players their announced bets and passes the cards to be banked to the next player clockwise, that is, from the left.

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Distribution of cards and order

The first dealer in the link pragmatic game is determined by lot, in the following games, players deal cards in turn in a clockwise direction. The deck is carefully shuffled and each player, depending on the game, is dealt a certain number of cards. In the first game, two cards, in the second game, three, and so on until the eighth game, from the eighth to the thirteenth game, cards are dealt in descending order, in the eighth, 7 cards, in the seventh, 6 cards, etc.

After the distribution of cards to the players, the top card from the deck is removed and placed openly in the center of the table, this is a trump card, if there is a joker in place of this card, then the game goes without trump cards.

  • Across this card, the deck is placed face down, as in the game of Fool.. Then each player looks at his cards and places an order for the game.
  • The right of the first order belongs to the player to the left of the dealer, the player announces the number of tricks that he can take during the draw. Then each player, clockwise, announces his order, the last order for the dealer.
  • The dealer, when making his application, must observe the following rule: the sum of all applications of previous players should not be equal to the number of cards in the dealer’s hand. After all orders have been placed, the draw begins.


The first move in the draw belongs to the dealer, he can enter from any of his cards. Each next player clockwise must put a card of the same suit as the dealer’s card, if there is no card of this suit, then he can put his any card. The laid out cards are taken by the player whose card is the highest. After that, the players take one card from the remaining deck. The next first move in the drawing of the next trick belongs to the player who took the previous trick.


The feature of the draw is the Joker. The player who plays the Joker must declare it “high” or “low”. Accordingly, the “highest Joker” beats all cards, and the “youngest Joker” is the lowest card. If there are 2 Jokers in one trick, then they become opposite cards. For example, the player made the first move in the trick with the Joker, then the second laid out card becomes the set suit, no matter what the value of the Joker is. After the cards have been played, scoring begins.