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We advise you to 카지노 사이트 bet tennis on a match involving two players you saw playing recently, very recently, not a few months ago.

Understand and use tennis betting odds in your favor

The positions in the ranking have some relevance when setting the odds for a tennis match. But a much smaller one than football. There will always be an unseen “fight” of bookmakers with bookmakers to find “valuable” odds, as they are called. This point is very closely related to point 4, but also to 1 and 2.

If you have enough flair to deduce, from what you see live, in the game of tennis players, the technical and mental data of their game that you need, you should not even be interested in the odds of the bookmakers.

Of course, no match is like another, but at least you know that you have the freshest data about the game and you are no longer influenced by odds, but only by what you saw with your own eyes and processed with your own tennis-trained neurons.

The current sports form of tennis players

It is not enough to know that Roger Federer is an extraordinary tennis player, this is a general thing. He is waiting for at least one of his matches to be played in the competition you want to bet on, maybe even then he is in a weaker form, or maybe he enters the game harder, it is even known that this happens in his case.

So, don’t bet on matches from the first round, especially at the Grand Slam tournaments, where they play, in men’s, on the “three sets out of five” system, waiting to see how the protagonists move in the first round.

The same is true for players who recover from injuries that take them out of the circuit for long periods. Even if your name is Rafa Nadal, the return is extremely difficult after such a break.

Without official standing matches (official, not demonstrative, not sesame with sets up to 4) you cannot enter directly and win a Grand Slam tournament.

We repeat, at a Grand Slam, three sets of five are played on the system, so it is much more demanding than a regular tournament, where two sets of three are played on the system.


Pay close attention to how the tennis players you want to bet today played yesterday, not to what they played a year or two ago, that is irrelevant.


  1. The mind of tennis players

We know that Rafa Nadal is strong mentally, and Fabio Fognini is quite mentally unstable, these are the examples that are most at hand for me at the moment.

Rafa can play a point “forgetting” that the previous one was lost by a 1 mm car. On Fognini, this would drive him crazy and follow a cavalcade of points lost one after another.