Like there is a specific procedure to open an account. Similarly, there are certain steps to be followed to close the account of any of the online games. A person may feel the need to close the account anytime, so let be because of no time available or money issues or may have lost interest. This totally depends on the individuals choice. The procedure made by a company should be convenient and not too long to avoid getting tangled at any step by the user. The user should set free without setting any critical conditions because of which he may have to think about the situation too much.

The easier the closure becomes, the more satisfactorily the user leaves without creating any scene. If, while closing the account, any argument or difficulty appears for the user, then the user may get irritated and try to spoil the website image among the people.

There closing account in Free Daily Spins is made very easy in just 2 steps, and they are as follows

  • Contact the website

The first and the most important step to close an account is to contact the website and let the other person who is speaking on behalf of the website know that you want to close your account. It is advisable to give a specific reason in order to be more clear. This is the only thing one has to do when he or she has to close the account. The further procedure is done by the website FreeDailySpins staff in order to close your account. This procedure may take a little time as the account which you are requesting to close has to be analysed fully that whether any breach is done or not whether all your details are factual. After all the legal procedures are done, the account is closed permanently.

  • Ask for returns

The amount available in the account is further dependent on the identity and documents produced. One can claim the deposited amount as well as the winning amount by either contacting them through mail or over the phone. In case the amount is not used for wagering, then the amount will only be reimbursed under certain conditions and held until with the company. Also, if the amount is not used for at least one time for gambling, then the company may charge 10$ charge on every deposit made

  • Point to be noted

The most important point a person or user needs to know is that a company or website can close any of the users account as it reserves the right to do so. And also, refund the withdrawal amount back, and that depends upon the charges applied on or deducted from the withdrawal amount. One is free to leave the website with either prior notice or with a reason without feeling obligated.

Here are the easiest steps to be done to close your customer account of Free Daily Spins, and similarly, a user can also return back to the website by following the signup procedure.