Normal Betting and the Graph Games

Conversely, there is also a way to exclude abnormal graph game sites, but the most representative sites that give more than necessary charging bonuses can be considered particularly dangerous. Graph game sites that are called first charge bonus and recharge bonus and give users a lot of bonuses for various reasons are likely to be manipulation sites, so be careful.

Graph game tips-various social graph betting methods and script sharing

Graph game tips

Learn about useful betting tips for graph game betting.

  1. Traditional betting method using Martin Routine
  2. Betting method using various graph game scripts
  3. Low dividend betting method or high dividend betting method

Graph game tips using the Martin betting method

The Martingale그래프사이트 betting method started in France in the early 1800s and is the most representative system betting method that has been mainly used in casinos. Anyone who enjoys graph games must have heard it at least once. To briefly explain the Martingale betting method, each time you lose your bet, you increase your bet to recover the previously lost amount at once, and take as much profit as the first bet. In theory, if the user’s capital is infinite and there is no maximum bet limit, this is a way to give 100% profit.

  • However, it is difficult to say that it is actually a 100% profitable method, as most users have no limit to their capital. However, graph games have a fixed probability of getting a result, so if you use this Martingale betting method well, you can minimize the risk and bring profit. The most used Martin betting method is the Double Martin method. The double Martin method refers to increasing the bet by 2 times until the bet is won in this way: 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000 won. As shown in the picture above, if you create a Martin calculator with Excel, you can create an infinite number of Martin methods such as 3 times, 4 times, ~10 times. So, if you combine these Martingale methods, it is possible to make stable profits.

Routine betting, contrary to Martin, is a method of betting by lowering the next bet amount when the bet is successful.It is a principal-preserving betting method that prioritizes safety, but has the disadvantage of low profits. It is a betting method that maximizes the profits of the graph game by appropriately utilizing Martin and Routine.

Martin betting

Graph game tips using script

If you use the그래프사이트추천 graph game, you can see that you lose your initial intention and easily collapse. You start with a mind to use some betting method, but soon you lose your own pattern and make an unreasonable bet. This reflects the greed of the person in the betting. because of. If you make a profit by stopping the bet, but if you look at the graph that goes up endlessly, the target value for the next round will rise, and if you do not see a profit at high dividends, then it will cause psychological confusion. This is how to bet using a graph script.

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