You are likely to dream of playing idnpoker full-time if you are passionate about it and are skilled at it. It is tempting, after all. Keep in mind that poker is not an easy profession. You should make an informed decision if you are serious about taking on the professional poker game. We have compiled information about the pros and cons of professional poker so you can make an informed decision. It does not matter what the reason is. However, it is a phenomenon has no signs of slowing down.

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Do something that you love

This is why poker professionals are able to play professionally. The common goal is to transform something you love into a career. For those with no passion, poker can be a difficult profession. Successful poker players are not only good at winning. They are drawn to the strategic complexities of poker because they love it. They are motivated to study hard and persevere in downswings.

Freedom and flexibility

It is an advantage to be able to set your own work hours in any field. You will likely be encouraged to play poker at specific times based on your opponents’ profiles, but ultimately it is up to you. This freedom can help you avoid poker fatigue and keep your motivation high. No one is responsible for the actions you take. Professional poker is one of the few professions that offer such independence. It will not be easy, however. As with any other job, you will need to put in the same effort. You will not have anyone watching you while you work.


Online poker can still make a lot of money if you have the ability to improve your skills. Although online poker has seen some changes in recent years regarding the rake and player rewards, it is still possible to make a decent living. It has just become more complicated than ever. It is difficult to get into and out of micro stakes. This is one of the biggest challenges in becoming an online professional.

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Micro stakes players are less likely to make a profit due to the high rake and low rake back of modern games. Live poker Indonesia, on the other hand, was and will continue to be a high-profit investment for skilled players. The average player in live poker is much less skilled than that an average player in online poker.

Learn the art and techniques of bluffing

The best players would not be able to bluff if they did not play well. Learning to bluff can help players fold. The best players are able to bluff to win more hands. Learn the continuation bet first. This is a bet that you place on the flop after having led the betting pre-flop. No matter if you hit the flop, a continuation bet will continue the story. A c-bet can help you disguise your made hands if you have an aggressive appearance. You may appear to be trying to buy the pot, but your opponent might think you are actually holding a decent hand.