You must find the online lottery games world highly appealing since it potentially offers proportionately bigger rewards than the investments you make. But, do you know that most beginner and rookie online lottery players make mistakes that cost them a lot of their money. This happens when online lottery players forget to stick to their budgets and plan their online lottery game investments accordingly. Moreover, once a rookie player experiences loss in a lottery game or loses a lottery, they tend to go overboard with the next lottery openings.

While there are some highly warning signs of lottery and gambling addictions, the compulsive behavior of rookie lottery players is the number one cause of money loss when they’re playing lottery games. Here’s what you should know about their mistakes.

Not Checking the Commissions and Fees Structure

Of course, when playing online lotteries, you can’t buy digital lottery tickets on your own. You have to first opt for the right online lottery games platform and then use your money to buy online digital lottery tickets through the respective platform. However, this is where most beginner and rookie players experience inconvenience. Not all online lottery games platforms are legit and most of all, those that offer legit services keep their fees and service charges hidden under the terms and conditions’ banner.

If you sign up without learning about the fees and commissions structure of a lottery games platform, chances are that you will end up sharing a huge cut of your lottery game winnings with the platform. For that reason, whenever you choose an online website/ platform for playing lotteries like UK 49’s Online lottery and similar games, don’t forget to check the terms and conditions.

Forgetting About Withdrawals and Prize Cash Outs

Whether beginner or experienced in online lottery games, you shouldn’t forget that getting paid is the main goal of all winners. This means that when you’re signing up with a legitimate online lottery games platform, you should check out the withdrawals’ details in advance. What happens is that most companies that don’t wish good fortune to their lottery players tend to delay the winnings and try to discourage them from getting the lottery winnings. While this sounds highly unethical, it has cost many players their well-deserved lottery winnings.

Once you’re on a platform and willing to sign up, check out all the information that you get about cashouts and draw prizes. This will give you an idea about the withdrawal policy of the platforms and companies.

Believing In and Subscribing for Fake Lottery Systems

While lottery systems are real in online lottery games, their predictions are mere “predictions” and there’s no guarantee for the outcome. Thus, you shouldn’t believe false claims and guarantees that you receive from any online lottery games platform. Sometimes, scam and fraud lottery websites lure players in with the hopes of winning big through favorable odds. Likewise, similar companies also suggest that they have highly-specialized and specifically-designed lottery systems that can predict the outcome. This hurts potential lottery players, especially beginners and rookies, in two nearly the same ways.

Firstly, online lottery players who get lured into these kinds of traps tend to believe in them and sign up with the respective platforms. That risks their personal and banking information in the hands of a reliable company and platform unlike some of the best platforms including KayaMoola which is highly legit and honest. Secondly, the said scam companies demand subscriptions to which unaware lottery players agree blindly. You should be well-aware of these facts and therefore, make mindful decisions when choosing a platform.


Don’t forget that online lotteries are a game of chance and that there’s absolutely no way to guarantee the outcome of any lottery draw. For that reason, you should never fall into the traps of scammers and online fraudsters that try to claim and offer guarantees at any cost.