Choose the Smartest Solutions with Poker Online

To do this you will first need to find out what strategy your opponents are playing, but this is not easy. To help you, five different poker players are described here and how to play against them. Remember if you can’t figure out what your opponents are doing wrong, then you are not a profitable player.

Passive recreational player

This player often does not take charge in the hands that he is playing. He lets the opponent of ceme online make the bets and calls with both his stronger and medium hands. He folds too much flop and loses value by not building big pots with his strong hands. While with medium strong hands he often paid off against the opponent’s strong hands. If this player raises, you can fold almost anything, because he has far too few bluffs here. Play conservatively with your medium hands against this player and aim for maximum value with your strong hands. Don’t bluff too much on turn and river because he calls you with too many hands.

As a summary:

  • Go maximum for value
  • Bluff more on flop and less on turn and river
  • Doubt about hand strength when he calls your turn bet

Calling station

A calling station is a player who plays far too many hands and does not fold vs bets. He limps and opens a lot, and he also calls you 3bet too often. This makes it very easy to play against this player. You simply go lighter for value. This player manages to call 2 or 3 streets with bottom pair. This means that you should never bluff against this player because he calls too often, but simply has to go lighter for value, top pair is always 3 streets for value against this player. The calling station can raise with horribly bad hands, so don’t believe its raise too quickly. How are you going to play against a calling station:

  • Lighter for value
  • Big betting (he calls anyway)
  • Never bluff
  • Isolation raise with a wider range (to face the station heads-up)
  • If you do these four things, you are actually printing money against this player.

Tight recreational player

A tight recreational player is also easy to exploit. This player plays fewer hands and is able to talk to a fold with strong hands, “he still has the best hand”. Because this player plays fewer hands, you are already going to make a profit by simply sitting at the table with him. He does not notice how people are playing against him so you can keep bluffing. If you notice that he has started to call more, you will also have to bluff less, but this usually takes a long time before these players realize this. Usually, these players raise with their strongest hands making it even easier to bluff them, simply because he cannot have his strongest hands and his range becomes weaker.

Aggressive recreational player

An aggressive recreational player is unable to lose a hand, he wants to win every hand he plays and has too many bluffs. When weakness is shown by the opponent, he will often bluff his missed hands. Because this opponent is overplaying his bluffs, he will also do this with his magical value hands. This makes it super profitable to bluff catch against this opponent. Let him bubble in your medium strong hands. And make the most profit because he value bets himself.