Can I download the Rummy app on my phone?

You can own the most high-end phones in the world, but it’s not complete till you make money off it.

Yes, you’re reading it right. In recent times, online games are more than just another de-stressing app where you’re engrossing yourself to the fullest.

With mobile apps encouraging money earning, you can now download games such as Rummy, and earn while you play.

Now, there’s no limitation to operating systems and phones when it comes to rummy. Hence, your iPhone can hold a rummy app through which you can earn money by playing your cards right.

Now, the procedure is simple and easy-to-learn, so let’s find out:

Steps to Download the Rummy App on an iPhone

You can have a moderately priced phone or even an expensive iPhone. But the bottom line is that it’s possible to download the rummy app.

And for apps such as Rummy Passion, their processes take but a few seconds. There 4 ways in which you can download the rummy application:

Downloading Via App Store

  • Go to the iOS app store on your iPhone to search for the rummy app.
  • Check on your phone’s storage capacity before starting the download process.
  • During the download process, your phone should have high-speed online data. Having so can quicken the downloading processes.

  Downloading via SMS

  • When you visit the rummy game website, there will be an allocation button near the website banner.
  • When you add in your contact number and allow the site to send you an SMS.
  • Within a few seconds, you’ll receive a download from the link for the application.

Via QR code Download

  • Since this is a safer option, many people opt for the QR code.
  • When you visit the website, you’ll receive a code that should not face disclosure.
  • After scanning the code, your phone will receive a link to download the app, click on the sent link.

Via Missed Call Download

  • On the official website, you’ll come across a contact number for Rummy Passion.
  • Send a call on that number (+9192233-00012.) and cut it immediately.
  • The website will send you a link through which you can download rummy

Here, money is the last issue you should be worried about. Rummy Passion initiates tight security to the cards.

This website and its app go beyond their capabilities to ensure that your bank account details are all in one place.

Upon creating an account, you can practice free sessions, tournaments and even become a part of the loyalty points.


The rummy app can bring together various people from around the nation, on one online platform. Hence, instead of mandatory friends outing, you can suggest them to stay back and play against you.

Being a brainy game, all variations of rummy hold the power to grant you the proper luck of playing and winning.

Hence, with the right quality of games, be it 13 card rummy or Deals rummy, through practice you can always hone up your skill.

This app is available to all, including iPhone users. Make sure to practice well before taking up the tournament level on the rummy app online.